Launching the book

So, on October 21 'Inside Out: a life in stages ' was launched at Leeds Playhouse in a jolly gathering of 45 plus with many books sold. It took the form of me reading a few sections followed by a Q and A and book signings. All of it novel for me. Although I've written many plays for the BBC over many years, I've not been in print before other than in scripts often discarded by actors in the green room after the recording is done; or left dog-eared and messy in some theatre dressing room.

But it might have been a complete farce. FedEx nearly let the whole thing down big time. To avoid my publisher having to transport N number of books from Sussex to Leeds, it was agreed with the printer that 50 would come direct to me for the launch event. So 50 books were duly dispatched on October 15. By October 19 they hadn't arrived. Further enquiries, via a tracking number, revealed 32 of them were sitting in a FedEx depot in the bowels of South Leeds and couldn't reach their final destination - 'because they had no local drivers available'. Blasted, blasted Brexit, though of course they wouldn't admit this. In the end Nigel had to negotiate the lunar landscape of an isolated industrial estate in the back of beyond and claim them in person. The remaining 18 books were collected last week on November 2nd after they finally surfaced. If you are relying on FedEx to send your Christmas parcels - Beware! Be very Beware!

The book of course is now also available on Amazon as well as Waterstones ( I do another launch there in early December) Press Reviews will be a few weeks yet but I have had comments from others as below.

'The book is superb. It has held me ( and will all readers) through your journey with its aspirations and achievements, with its grief and sadness but also through happy times and with hope. It is intensely honest , nothing overstated. ‘It is as it is’ .- and it is on my list for Xmas presents to people!' Eunice Bardsley.

'It is compulsive and thought provoking reading, which I consumed in more or less one session. The main theme of the book of being an outsider not quite fitting in, is compelling, and something you came to turns with. Your well described predicament must now be multiplied many times in, for example Muslim immigrant communities in the West with marriages out to the non Muslim world and all the stresses that can bring.' David Walker.

'Your book, you managed to be as funny as sad and moving. Quite a feat of versatility. And your theatrical background has given you the knack of writing about relationships in a very effective confrontational way.' Alan Pedley

' An exciting Odyssey, crowded with incident- most of it not just funny but fall over funny. Filled with love, moving and inspiring'. Lawrence Till. BAFTA and RTS nominated Producer and Director (Shameless, Mr Selfridge, Silent Witness)

Do give it a try.