Autobiography or Memoir? What's the difference? How do you choose which to write? Autobiography is lengthier. It's the whole life. Memoir is usually shorter. It casts an eye over the key events in any life and tells some of that person's unique story. I've always been fascinated by other people's lives.

As the poet, Yevtushenko , said "No people are uninteresting /Nothing in them is not particular".

I agree wholeheartedly with that. Maybe that's why I always read obituaries. They give a brief biographical sketch of someone's life. Childhood. Family. Growing up. Career. Life Partners. Children. Old age - if lucky enough to see it. I like to imagine the stories behind the facts. In an odd way it's my idea of honouring the person.

Last week there was a hilarious obituary of the Bohemian writer, Rosemary Kingsland, who allegedly had an affaire with Richard Burton when she was 14. It's a whacky account of a life. She went on to marry the writer, Gerald Kingsland , who, suffering a mid- life crisis, advertised in 'Time Out' for a girl to live with him for a year on a desert island. The result gave us the film, 'Castaway'. Born in India into an army family, she grew up to epitomise the swinging 60s, established herself as a journalist and then went off to live in Tuscany. followed by eight years in Tennessee living in a yurt. Finally she put down roots in Sussex and became a successful ghost writer. I wanted to say, 'Well done, Rosemary! Very well done!'

So I go to the Obituaries first each day. Then it's the Quick Crossword.

I'm delighted that my own memoir , 'Inside Out: a Life in Stages' is coming out with Red Door Press this Autumn. Facebook: Twitter: @RedDoorBooks Instagram: RedDoorBooks Many of my key events are unintentionally funny and yet they make up only half the story. Watch this space for more launch news! (and more obituaries)